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EZ Viewer

Type of Program:Graphics viewer/manager
Supported Platforms:Win95/Win 3.1
Company Name: Galt Technology
Price:$29, or $39 with over 39 extra programmes on the CD
Installed Size:532kb


EZ Viewer loads neatly, and opens with a selection of Quick Tips which act as a mini-tutorial. They can also be accessed later from the menus and make learning how to use the Viewer easy.

The interface is windows based, with a side panel for the hard drive and the main window to view the image. Regrettably the background used in the directory window is an unpleasant shade of acid yellow, however the icons and controls are clearly laid out and understandable.

Options include stretching, enlarging and flipping the image, renaming it and a "save as" option. The conversion dialogue is simple to use, and offers most of the popular formats and a range of colour resolutions. There is no drag-and drop for moving images around folders, nor are there any editing features.

EZ Viewer lives up to its name. It is very easy to view all your graphic files with it, and there is almost no learning curve - launch the software and be up and running in seconds. If you need a basic graphics viewer, which runs fast and is lean on disc space, this programme will do the job.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott
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