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Financial Freedom Inventory PRO 98

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Type of Program: Business-Inventory
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: M & R Technologies, Inc.
Version: 1.0
Price: $129.00
Installed Size: 1.8MB


Financial Freedom Inventory PRO 98 is so much more than just a program to keep track of your inventory. It includes a lot of Managers, Wizards, options, and more. You can setup as many companies as you want and have as many entries as you want. The only limitation is how much free disk space you have.

The Managers include Company Manager (for information about your company), Vendor Manager, Purchase Order Manager, Product Manager, Invoice Manager, and Customer Manager. Each of these include lots of fields and options to make entering new ones or editing old ones a snap. They are laid out so well that even if you have never done bookkeeping before you can use them without even reading the help.

The Wizards include Receiving Wizard, Payment Wizard, Report Wizard, Label Wizard, and Letter Wizard. Like the managers the interfaces here are also very easy to use. The reports choices are PO Register, Inventory Report, Receiving Report, Reorder Report, Overstock Report, Commitment Report, PO Key Code Inquiry. Invoice Register, Payment Register, Account Receivable, Profit Report, Sales Report, Invoice Key Code Inquiry, and Tax Report.

Other choices include Edit payment terms, Interest Charges, Delete Old Records, Backup Data Files, Rebuild Data Files, Price Changes, Calculator, View Calendar, Password Setup, Aging Chart, Backup Files, Close, Help, and Home.

Inside each of the Managers, Wizards, and more there are so many options that will enable you to set the program up so it will work best for you. I took pages and pages of notes when going through this program so to keep this relatively short I am not going to include all the options and choices I found. Instead I am going to suggest you take advantage of the 30 day trial period to check it out. They are going to be offering free programs on their website that will make this program even more powerful. One more thing I wanted to mention is that this program takes up less than 2MB on your hard drive and it does NOT put any files (not even dll's) anywhere else.

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Reviewed by Zonia J. Heath

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