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File Ferret

Type of Program: File Search (Enhanced Archie Type)
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/ NT
Company: FerretSoft
Version: 1.1
Price: $13.95
Installed Size: 800kb


A new Archie type search has been released by FerretSoft called File Ferret, this is another program in the Net Ferret series and like the others is a superb program. It is small, fast, very efficient .. With File Ferret, as with the others in the series, you can search multiple servers at once. The program works very much like any other Archie program, but the benefits you get with this program are, multiple Archie servers accessed at the same time, a very fast FTP client built in, very easy to use and the option to search on Archie sites in specific areas of the world as in the following list: All of America Asia Australia and New Zealand Central America Eastern Europe Middle East North America Scandinavia South America United States Western Europe Or search all of the Archie sites listed above simultaneously which is listed under the Whole World.
The searches are very fast and all the retrieved data is listed in an easy to read manner with location, file name, size and date. If you know the full name of the file you are looking for, enter it in the space provided and click match all keywords, select the area of the world, or the whole world, and click "Find Now". If you are unsure of the correct name, type in what you do know and select match any keyword, select your search preferences and start the search. The program will list all files which match any of the keywords you use, which may turn out to be a very large number. File Ferret is not restricted by the type of file it can find, it will find and list any that are available for public access. Once again, ease of use and speed are superb. I was very impressed with the built in FTP client, it was fast and very easy to use, all you need to do is tell it where to put the file once it's been downloaded. should you wish to select and download multiple search results, File Ferret has the capabilities to handle those as well. This program also has the ability to work via either an FTP, or HTTP proxy server. Should you find you need any help, there is a very good help file with the program. Another of the Net Ferret series which I highly recommend.

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Reviewed by Mike Lumsden

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