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Type of Program: Word Processor
Supported Platforms: DOS
Authors Name: Lisa A. and Robert P. Bullion
Version: Not specified
Price: US$ 10
Installed Size: 191 K Dowloading


If you own some old, rusty, but still working PC and you are looking for a word processor not so hungry of resources as its more famous brothers, try "Finally!". Well, it's a DOS program, so expect a little more work to set it up than you are used to (no mouse, no printing facilities, you have to study some ASCII command), but this is part of the game. But once you'll set up all the options in the manner you prefer this little program will give you satisfactions. If from one side it can't (obviously) offer all the features other word processors have at a mouse-click range, on the other side its stronger point is represented by the rich and highly customizable choose of combined keys (around 30 ALT-something keys free for you) that, if wisely used will make your life very easy. The program supports also the file merging option, permits the opening of another file in a subwindow displayed on the current one and allows the recovery of files you accidentally close without saving (the file not saved is store in a special file created by the program, ready to be opened and saved with another name, if necessary). In conclusion, if you are not scared of setting a program manually (it offers also an on-line list of ASCII characters), and if you have enough patience to wait one full minute before the menu screen appears every time you launch the program ("Finally!" shows you a memento of your condition of unregistered user at every new boot, registering you'll be provided of the code to skip this annoying feature off), "Finally! can be a word processor which is worth the try.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Lisa A. or Robert P. Bullion
2755 Fox Fire Court, Clearwater FL 34621 Phone: (813) 791-3602
How to Pay: Check

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