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FlexED v1.5c

Type of Program: HTML Editor (shareware)
Company Name:
Price: 30 Australian Dollars, 25 US Dollars
Installed size: 1753105
Supported Platforms: Win95,Win3
Web Page:

FlexED gives access to all the latest HTML tags via a novel vertical tabbed list of buttons. These insert the empty tag into the current document. Double-clicking on the text then brings up a dialog with all the available attributes, these can also be accessed directly from the floatable toolbars. A click on a button and the preview window appears, this shows exactly how your web page will look. There is no need for the DDE link to your browser, the preview window is superb, accurately reproducing most tags, including tables and forms. There is also a frame wizard to set-up framed documents, as well as an image-map wizard.

At first FlexED appears like other HTML editors, but the easy access to both tags and attributes combine to produce a first class application.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: ?
Purchasing: credit card, cheque etc to:Infoflex Pty Ltd
Unit 27, 15 Terminus Street
Castle Hill 2154, NSW
or fax.

Reviewed by Andrew Duke (

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