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Type of Program: Audio Utility, for Radio Reveal &
Aims Labs RadioTrack FM tuner adapters
Supported Platforms: Windows95/Windows NT
Authors Name: Aarto Reponen
Version: 1.0r (1.0s is the latest version)
Price: $15
Installed Size: 821kb



If any of you own the Reveal Radio Card, which I do, you’ll find that they are no longer in business. I have found a program which I believe is better than the original one packaged with the radio card. It’s call FMBox, it is a 32-bit program where as the other is a 16-bit program.

The feature I find I like most of all is that it will sit nicely in the System tray. You have quick access to the program at all times. A right click on FMBox in the Sys tray will bring up a menu!

With this version I found that I could access a local TV station at a setting not previously recognized by any of the other programs of this type. The station was located at 87.5, which you couldn’t access!

There are so many features that I like better, let me tell you about a few.

With FMBox you can define up to 99 different stations, all accessible with the click of a button! It also features a ‘Jump To’ button, where if you know the station number, just type it in! You can even give a descriptive name, or station name.

As with most programs of this type you have the normal volume controls, plus while it’s sitting in the System Tray one click will mute the music (or whatever you happened to be listening to). One click, again brings the music back.

With FMBox you can also scan for channels and adjust the volume. There’s a "Snooze" function that allows you to mute the radio after certain time length and you can use the ALARM function to wake up it to your favorite station.

There are no DLL files, all the files used by FMBox 1.0 are kept in a single directory. So, you’ll find the program very easy to uninstall.

The newer version which is due out soon will include an automatic installation of drivers for Windows NT.

User Friendly:


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Reviewed By: Martha Seward,
How to purchase or register: The price of FMBox 1.0r is
$15 U.S You can register online via the homepage.

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