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fpArchie for Windows 95

Type of program: Internet Archie
Archie Client Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company name: fpWare
Version 0.9 beta 1
Price: This Beta is freeware
Installed size: 499 KB


Some readers of this review may have checked on to the Internet recently and not be familiar with Archie. Archie is a search engine that searches indexes of files available from multitudes of FTP sites around the world. fpArchie is an Internet client that runs on your computer and uses the Archie Server of your choice from a built in server list to search for the files you want.

Windows 95 is shipped with a find utility I use all the time to find files I have misplaced on my system. The screen interface to fpArchie follows a similar metaphor. You enter the name of the file you want to find and available options to tell fpArchie where to look. You can limit the search to the United States or Finland or MIT. You can also choose to search on part of a file name or require an exact match or case sensitivity or search using a regular expression. Once you've made your choices, fpArchie A start up routine makes installation a snap but there are a couple of rough edges. First this is a beta and there is no help. Second, not all the built in archie servers function. Thee next release will not be a beta and the authors promise a help system.

User friendly:
Ease of installation:
Reviewed by Harry Philips

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