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Type of Program: Internet (bookmarks)
Supported Platorm:
Company/Author's Name: Peter Williams
Price: Free
Installed Size: 1MB


When I first heard about FreeUrl, I was happy. Finally a program that can convert both my Internet Explorer and Netscape bookmarks and keep them in one place! However, appearances can deceiving and FreeUrl turned out to be a big disappointment. First of all, this program is a beta version and is missing several key features that would distinguish it from any bookmark manager. This is no beta software that is just missing a few tweaks and polishing....this is a (not even!) half finished program.

It doesn’t convert bookmark files from Internet Explorer and Netscape, it can’t import or export IE or NN’s bookmarks and it can’t even "launch a bookmark in Netscape or Internet Explorer" like it promises. So what can FreeUrl do? Well it does an excellent job of taking up valuable space on your hard drive!

In sum, I have seen better freeware. I’d suggest that you stick with the bookmark manager that came with your browser.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Ayodele Locke

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