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FTP Explorer

Type of Program: FTP Client
Supported Platforms: Windows 95 and NT 3.51 or Higher
Authors Name: Alan Chavis
Version: Version 0.00 (Build 063)
Price: Freeware or $30 if used for commercial purposes
Installed Size: 2Mb
Where can this program be downloaded :

If you want a good FTP client, this is the one to go for, it is easy to use, but packed with features. I have used this program since the early version, and it has been as solid as any program I have ever seen. Apart from looking very much like Windows Explorer, and having the same type of drag drop features, it is also very fast compared to some of the other, more well known FTP clients. The program seems to have been very well thought out, with a lot of attention paid to detail and ease of use. There is a very good help file included with the program, and if you wish, you can subscribe to the Listserver where other users come to air any problems or requests, and where a new user can get help in using the program. Direct support from Alan Chavis also seems very good, and he posts to the Listserver regularly. The Listserver is entirely optional, so don't feel compelled to join, but it does have some great tips from other users as well as information on build updates and other useful information.

A few of the features include, the ability to download or upload files to one or more servers,
while you go off and browse or transfer files from another. All transfers are handled in the
background so there is no more sitting there waiting for that large file to come down before
you go start another transfer. If you have moved servers while a download takes place, FTP
Explorer will automatically log you off the first server so you have no need to switch back
again. If you find a server is busy FTP Explorer will keep trying for you, the number of
retries is configurable by the user. Transfer interrupted, don't worry, FTP Explorer can resume
transfers if the server supports the option. You can queue commands in FTP Explorer, it will
carry out the commands in sequence on the server, saving a lot of time. Once you have visited a
directory, it is cached, saving even more time when you go back. It also has a transfer
manager which keeps track of all downloads your working on and the progress of transfers. You
can create icons on the desktop to take you direct to your most used sites, it has Windows 95
type right click menus, a Windows 95 type Explorer interface where you can alter the view from
large icons, small icons, list, full descriptions. There is full support for fpArchie built
into the program, a quick connect option, full drag and drop support. Then there is the cache,
the program learns the directory structures as you work, it caches each connection, this makes
returning to a site very fast.

Overall I feel this is one of the better FTP clients available for Windows 95/NT today. Its
ease of use is remarkable, and linked to the power of the program I feel the author has done a
superb job. This program should be suitable for both novices as well as regular ftp users.


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Reviewed By Mike Lumsden

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