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FTP Express

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Type of Program:Ftp Client
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Company Name:Intellisys
Installed Size: 1.55MB


The installation of this product, like everything else about it is really straight forward. It installs and sets up easily.

There are a number of advantages Ftp Express has over other Ftp clients. You can be working more than one Ftp site at a time, you can use the integrated download queue for unattended downloads. Also it has support for resume, so you can continue an interrupted download where it left off. You can Transfer files using drag/drop or copy/paste. You can even transfer entire directory structures. My favorite one though is that you can save the entire site to disk for later use. That really makes it easy to off-line look at sites you go to all the time. Another really nice feature is the download que. With this feature you can drag files from a number of locations into the download que, then when you are ready to download them you can either download them selectively or all at once.

One other feature that I liked was the ability to bookmark locations, that really can speed things up when you are 8 folders down in a sites hierarchy.

All in all this is a superior product and one that I can recommend

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Joe Tex

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