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Type of Program: Internet Utilities
Supported Platforms:Win 95
Company Name: MSW
Version: 1.03
Price: $15.00
Installed Size: 1515K


Ftp Wolf was a breeze to set up and use. It has a nice interface and the functions of the program are not hard to learn. You simply type in a keyword and specify which databases you want to search (choice of several) and FTP Wolf does the rest. The more specific you are, the better the results. You can also specify the number of search results you want FTP Wolf to display.

FTP Wolf is not an ftp program as the name would suggest. Instead, it works with your browser and displays the search results on its website. A must have? Well, yes and no. If you want to find a popular program such as Netscape or Paint Shop Pro, there are several large shareware sites on the Web with thousands of files in their libraries and you don't have to pay to use their sites. But if there is a specific hard to find file that you want, that is not too popular, and none of the large shareware sites have it, the FTP Wolf is the program for you.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Ayodele Locke

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