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Fun E Cards

Type of program: Xmas cards [set2]
Supported platforms: Win95 & Win3.1
Company/Author's name: Chris Brooks-Interactive MM Software
Version: 3.1
Cost: $10
Installed size: 4MB


This program creates Christmas cards, that you make and attach to e-mail. These seem to be just for e-mail, there is no print button anywhere, However, they have about 3 dozen different inside greetings to choose from, 4 front pictures, and 1 wav file [jingle bells] that come with the package. You can also add your own .bmp pictures, your own messages, and your own video clips.

There is a card wizard that will walk you through making a card, or you can experiment on your own. It also supports any wavs or midis you might enjoy, and you can change the font style type and color. When you're done, you just "generate" your card for mailing, and the generating process takes all audio, video, and all, and converts it to one file called card exe. which will easily attach to your e-mail.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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