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Global Challenge

Type of program: Educational game
Supported platforms:Windows 95
Company Name: Cascoly Software
Version: 1.03
Cost: $20
Installed size: 4MB


This is a really nice educational program. It asks you 4 questions at a time, and then gives you a score. It also tells you what was the correct answer was, which , if you play trivia a lot is a plus. I hate trying to figure out what the answer was when the game won't give it up.

The questions deal with global geography, average questions might be to match up the religion or the language to the 5 countries, or where is a country at, or which country belongs to this flag. The game is definitely point and click, which is nice and easy; and while I don't know how many questions are in the database, I didn't run into any repeats while I tried it.

This game might be a little hard for a 10 year old, but its probably in the 10 to 12 up to adult range.

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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