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Global Challenge Trivia

Type of Program: Educational game
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Cascoly Software
Version: 1.03
Price: $20
Installed Size: 775kb


Global Challenge Trivia is an educational trivia game about geography. It asks you questions like where is this country located and gives you 5 answers to choose from and has you match 5 countries with their language or religion and more. The shareware version asks questions from Population, Religion, Language, Capital, and Flag. If you answer the question wrong then it gives you the correct answer.

The interface is easy to use. In setup you can change the number of questions it will ask 1-5. You can also change the difficulty level minimum and maximum 1-3. It will ask you the number of questions you choose in setup and give you your score based on the percentage you got right.

The shareware version has a 30 day evaluation period. Registering the program will enable you to change the difficulty, change categories, and edit the information. It also gives you more categories, 250 different countries, and more flags. You can register via a secure server online, email, telephone, or snail mail. You can get Shakespeare Trivia, Global Challenge Trivia, Civil War Trivia and Chronos History Trivia all 4 on CD for $29.95.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Zonia J. Heath

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