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Type of program: Wave Editor
Supported Platforms: WIN 95 and NT 3.51
Company / Author : Chris S Craig
Version: 3.24
Price: $30 or 20
Installed size: 1.23 Mbyte


I've seen many and great wave-editors, but this one is complete. It used to be that you had to change from editor to editor to utilize a different function not offered, the difference with this one is that this is has all the functions included.

As I tested this package, I had no problems, but read the webpage first, as the author Chris S. Craig, tells us there are still a few known problems.

The package is built up simple, you use the Topbar menu or you use the icons. You also have a control device panel where you see the status of the wave-file. (Play-Stop-Record etc.). On the device panel you also have an equalizer (4 different setup modes). As I tested all modes, I prefer to use the first / default. On the Main Window every function has it's own icon. Simple but very useful. All the usual functions are included plus, an equalizer-function with very great capabilities. There's also a built in CD-Player-Link so you don't have to change to the WIN95 Desktop to start a CD.

So, if you are someone who likes to play with wav-files, this is your package. I'm sure if you use it once, you will be using it for a long time.

Sound: (what did you expect)
User friendly:
Ease of installation:
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Reviewed by Peter Geens -

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