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Type of Program:Internet Download
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Company Name:Gizmonet
Installed Size:1.8mb


Run, don't walk to your nearest download site and get a copy of this program! This is the most useful download tool I have ever seen. Plus it has some great sounds.

Here is what Go!Zilla does. It can integrate with your favorite browser so that when you click on a downloadablle file Go!Zilla will go into action. It will search the web for alternative sites to download the file you have clicked on. Then once it has found the fastest site you can start your downloading. What if you get a service break? No problem Go!Zilla's best feature is that it will resume downloads, and not just from the original site, it that site goes out of business, Go!Zilla will connect to another site.

In this newest version SmartUpdate lets you monitor your favorite programs for updates and announcements. Automatically get the latest versions and information about programs you would like Go!Zilla to monitor.

There is another real plus to this program. You can schedule downloads. In other words if the best time to get that huge file you have been wanting is the middle of the night, Go!Zilla will get it, disconnect you from the internet and shut down your computer.

In conclusion, there is no downside that I can see to this program. It is a really useful tool. There is one thing you should know. Go!Zilla can be used as Freeware, but then you get advertising banners if you pay $20 you get rid of them.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Bill Merek

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