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Grammar Slammer

Type of Program: Productivity
Supported Platforms: Win 95/98/NT
Company Name: English Plus
Version: 2.0
Price: $25
Installed Size: 593K


Grammar Slammer is an ideal tool for anyone who has problems with their grammar/writing skills. The program has numerous help sections, dealing with the most common grammar problems, such as style and usage, capitalizing, abbreviations, punctuation and much more. The program also provides a glossary and search section to allow the user to find the help he/she desires. 

As well the program also provides a spelling slammer to help people out with the most common spelling problems in writing. Grammar Slammer's simple appearance and vast amount information on grammar/writing help makes this program a must for all students, and I strongly encourage anyone to purchase this program.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Robert Oikle

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