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Anawave Gravity

Type of Program:Windows 95/NT Usenet Newsreader
Supported Platforms: Windows 95 or NT
Company Name:Anawave Software
Version:1.1 Build 601
Price:$29.95 (US dollars)
Installed Size:3MB


Anawave Gravity is a excellent Usenet Newsreader. It has all the features available in Free Agent which I have been using for the past one year.

Some of the features which are available in Gravity but not in Free Agent are the Rules function which enable me to filter the articles based on certain word on the subject, form of body of the articles. It can also select the articles which has more than certain newsgroup in the header (SPAM). It can also binary field automatically.

One of the things that I don’t like is selecting newsgroup to subscribe. It has a search function where all the similar name can be gather together... such as microsoft.public.access.... but I have to select one by one to subscribe although on the screen it has two button which is the >> and <<. To me this two button means select all and remove all but what happen is it function like select one and remove one.


Spell checking, on-line tutorial, Rules system, Hot URL Link, Image Gallery, cross posting, advance search, bozo bin, off-line browsing, and kill and watch threads list.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation



Reviewed by Trisha Phoon

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