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Type of Program: Disk utility for Win95
Supported Platforms: Win95
Authors Name: Roberto Grassi
Version: v2.+
Price:40 US$
Installed Size: 728,398


The is a useful disk utility. To install is straight forward, unzip the files into the directory you created for it and run the executable. The program consists of six menus, DupDisk, Format, Repair, Boot, Info and Options. By utilizing these menus you can, Duplicate your diskettes quickly doing other jobs while the program writes the diskettes, Create many copies of the same diskette with only one diskette read, Format and Repair Hard disks and diskettes plus move the data and mark the track or cylinder as bad and much more. One of the utilities I found to my liking was the formatting option, it supports the following formats, 1.2Mb, 720Kb, 1.44Mb, 1.72Mb and MS-DMF (Microsoft Distribution Format) diskettes. What's really nice is that you can format a 1.44Mb disk to a 1.72Mb format. I found the help to be extensive and I recommend reading through this first. This is the shareware version so some of the facilities are not available (Defining sounds to actions, Enabling hard drives, etc.), Also there is a annoying startup screen which reminds you to register, etc. Check out the Cert0001.txt file for a bonus certificate for a CD-Rom.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Billy Armstrong

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