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Gremlin Organizer 97

Type of Program: PIM and notes organizer
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/ Windows NT
Company Name: GremlinSoft
Version: 1.31
Price: $10 US $14 Canada
Installed Size: 480 kb


Gremlin Organizer 97 has a very powerful and easy to use interface. You don’t need an extended learning period, but you need to take a little time to learn of all the features! It’s a program you can jump right into!

You will notice that the first group in the group-list is called Clipboard.

This group is different from the rest, because whenever you copy a piece of text in any application, it will be stored in this group. This feature is very powerful and has many uses. Helpful in taking notes while you’re writing reviews, too!

No more wasting time opening and closing other programs. If you are working in a word-processor and want to write-down a short note, you don’t have to switch to GremlinSoft Organizer, but you can simply type the note in your word-processor and copy it to clipboard. It will be saved in Clipboard group and from there you can move it to any other group. Clipboard group will automatically delete the oldest item once the count of notes in it reaches 50. This way, you don’t have to erase old notes manually every couple of days. This is awesome!

The second group, called Favorites is also a special group, because when you click on the tray Icon with the left mouse button you will get last 5 notes from the clipboard group and all of the notes from the Favorites group. When you select one of these notes, they will be automatically copied to clipboard so you can paste it into any application.

GremlinSoft Organizer will automatically save all data to a file on the disk when you close it.

A note doesn’t have to be short. Each note can be up to 4 MB long. This is way more than anybody will ever need, but they had to set a limit somewhere.

Beside the group-list, is a notes-list. It contains a list of notes in a group. Clicking on any note will show the whole text of that note in this window. From the pop-up menu you can copy a note to clipboard, save it to a text file, rename it, delete it or move it to a different group.

Personally, I like the fact that it’s always at my fingertips! You get to choose what fonts you want to use, plus you can change the background bitmap to whatever you want. It like an elephant it doesn’t forget the window position when you close the program. GremlinSoft Organizer includes it’s own little search engine for finding whatever you’re looking for each group, nice feature!

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Reviewed By Martha Seward,
How to purchase or register: You can register GremlinSoft Organizer by sending a US or CAN personal check or money/postal order to:

Stanislav Mitranic
#53 9520 Bonaventure Dr. SE
Calgary, Alberta
T2J 0E5

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