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Gun Organizer

Type of program: Organizing Program.
Company name: Homecraft Software
Revision: 03/05/91.
Version: 2.11.
Size Installed: 875,000 Bytes.
Price: $59.95 plus $10.00 P+H.
Supports:DOS,and Windows

If you have a gun collection of some type or size, at some time or other you have had or
probably will in future need a Gun Organizer, whether it be for your own ego, or insurance
reasons or maybe for the law in your country or state.

This program lists off all measurements you can think of to describe your firearm for you, all
you do is fill in the slots as required. There are 21 headings to be filled in per gun, and one
gun per screen page. You can then send these to print for a hard copy, or stow them in the
program index on your hard drive, or both.

The program sports a full drop and click toolbar across the top of the screen, and is quite
easy to follow. The help support is quite extensive and informative although I got lost once or
twice, The program comes in both 3.5 and 5.25 disk format. As well you may request either DOS
or Windows Version. But at $59.95 plus $10.00 for P+H U.S., I think it`s a lot of money for
what it does.

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Reviewed by John E. Richards

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