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Type of Program: Utility
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company/Author: HACE/Eirik Hansen
Version: 1.0b7 (beta), 1.0 (standard)
Installed size: 304K


There are many ways to explore system to find folders and files, but none quicker than with ShellGEM, a very slick -- well, okay, shrewd --menu browser that's added to your Windows 95 context-menu. If you think using Windows Explorer is easy, just open it up and right-click on the C drive. Click on ShellGEM, and find out what "easy" really is.

Once you've installed ShellGEM, a "ShellGEM" item is added to the context menu, accessed by a right-click. An additional click gives you another submenu of not only C drive folders, but a list of clickable Explore options and features unique to ShellGEM. They include a History entry (for folder actions done via ShellGEM), a Favorites entry (for your favorite target folders), and Options (for selecting how you want ShellGEM to operate). And of course, you get point-and-click access anywhere on your installed drives.

Just point your mouse to any folder, and watch another submenu open up to display its contents; you can Explore up and down the entire tree structure of your drives, with the ease of just moving your mouse. When you locate an often-used folder or file, you can add it to your ShellGEM Favorites, making your next access possible from the top of the tree.

Navigating with ShellGEM is completely intuitive, and is easier done than described. Once you've accessed a target item (file or folder), ShellGEM allows you drag-and-drop capability to move or copy to the new location. There's also a Zip capability in the standard version, allowing you to extract zip/compressed files into the folder of your choice.

New "Options" on the standard version allow you to : select/deselect folder icons, show/hide hidden objects, show/hide removable drives, show/hide special objects (e.g., Control Panel in "My Computer"), show separators in the root menu, show/deselect items you do/don't want accessed via ShellGEM, sort files by extension or name, show associated files or hide those without associations, open target folder for move, copy or extract functions.

A complete Help file in the standard version explains ShellGEM functions and feature usage. In the beta version these features are disabled: Options, History, Favorites, and Help.

Despite its lesser function, the beta version's existing Explore functions work fine, and it's well worth downloading (for free) until the standard version is available (which will be soon). In fact, beta users who register the1.0b7 copy, at a cost of $8, can upgrade to the standard version (which is priced at $14.95) at no extra cost.

Orders/registrations are accepted by major credit card, telephone, or FAX. Online registration is handled by RegSoft at
Phone orders can be made by calling, toll-free, 1-888-REGIT-80 (international phone orders should be made to 770-497-9126) . FAX orders can be made at 770-497-9234. For both phone and FAX orders, be sure to use the Product ID 3569. You can also select the "Register Online" function on the ShellGEM menu.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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