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Happy Calendar

Type of Program: PIM
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/ NT
Company/Authors Name: Mario Pacchiarotti, Jim Jams
Version: 1.4 (build 87
Price: $25
Installed Size: 1.27 MB


I'm happy with Happy Calendar

A good reminder system has been my holy grail. I even downloaded an expensive international-brand software with the intent of immediately registering it and getting on with life. It had a trial period though, and combined with a procrastination streak, I held off. I'm glad I did. This is a true story.

Within weeks, I became more frustrated than anything, a feeling sort of like being accidentally wrapped in the telephone cord .

I became more willing to consider shareware PIM's, downloaded the most lauded one, wasn't thrilled, and then I downloaded Happy Calendar.

This is the absolute best PIM for individual, non-network use. To my taste, it surpasses the usefulness of the bulky, more expensive brand-name offerings. All of the typical features for appointments, to-do's, and reminders are there, but I found that Happy Calendar had features that really suited me.. The tab-style layout also shows the useful option of organizing text notes separately from the diary entries. Password, sounds, layout, etc. are all customizable too.

A favorite option of mine is the "Quick Alarm" that can be accessed from the tool bar. Within 2 clicks you can have an alarm set, with a dialog box that pops up saying whatever it is you wanted to be reminded of to your .wav file of choice. I use mine to tell me when the tea is ready.

On the main screen with the day's events, there's room for notes or a diary entry, an option I use often. These daily entries even have a search function, an example of how this PIM fits in some things that the bloated biggies forget. Also accessible by the tab-style layout are calendar views by the week, month, and year.

A functional and (better yet) easy-to-use phone book with ample room for e-mail, URL's, and notes. The browser or e-mail system is activated by double-clicking on an entry, nicely enough.

Moreover, it has a unique, comfortable, and attractive interface. The graphics are actually fun and stylish. (I notice this quality in the author's other shareware. I for one welcome any attempt at people "breaking outside the box" of the standard Win95 program.)

I highly recommend this program, especially for those like me, who need it for school, work, and daily appointments and notes for living, versus for sharing over a network or using as a business expense-time keeper.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Mystery Guest

Shareware; nag screen comes on after 30 days.
Registratration is easy and is available by all the usual suspects.

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