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Hot Dog Express

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Type of Program: Web Authoring Tool
Supported Platforms: Windows 95/NT
Company Name: Sausage Software
Version: 1.11
Installed size: 4.75 M


You don't need to know how to rebuild an engine to drive a car.... so why should you have to know anything about HTML to create and upload a web page you can be proud of?

That's the idea behind Hot Dog Express, an entry-level HTML web authoring program aimed at the complete novice who's inherited the job of "webmaster." In four easy steps, you'll have a professional looking product in less than five minutes.

Hot Dog Express uses a "building block" approach. Just choose a canned template or create your own. Then all you do is drag and drop the blocks you want -- whether it's a heading, link, image, or block of text -- then view your result (without having to launch your browser separately), and upload. Easy as pie.

The user interface is colorful, well organized, and slightly humorous: any HTML program that opens up with an animated wiener dog cannot be too threatening. Hot Dog Express offers a good help file, with lots of support at the product home page.

Simple web pages are yours in the blink of an eye. Want something advanced -- maybe a little Javascript, tables, or animations? Forget it. Hot Dog Express has no aim to do anything but keep it fast, simple and comprehensible. But when Hot Dog Express boosts your authoring confidence, you'll be ready to move along to its big brother, Hot Dog Pro, which is intended for those advanced needs.

So for soccer coaches, PTA presidents, executive secretaries, and all you other draftees to do the web pages for your group, here's HTML program that'll serve you well, from the very first time you lay hands on it. Even if you eventually graduate to the Pro version, the two programs work seamlessly together. Do the quick start-up stuff on Express, and add the polish with Pro. You have a logical upgrade path with Hot Dog Express, so it's a good investment no matter how proficient you become at HTML.

You can evaluate Hot Dog Express for any time period, but until you register, its upload capability is disabled. Otherwise, it's completely functional during the tryout period. Information on credit card ordering is available at the product web site.

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Reviewed by Bobbie Crowell

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