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 Healing With Herbs

Type of Program: Informative guide
Supported Platforms: Win95 and Win 3.x
Author's Name: Klaus Hoferichter
Version: 2.1
Price: $20 US, $25 CAN
Installed Size: 979 KB


This program is not only graphically appealing, it's packed with useful information. The main menu consists of clearly labeled buttons. These lead to sections describing 15 ailments like acne, cough, insomnia and diarrhea. Clicking on these opens a description of the ailment, a picture of an appropriate herb to remedy it and a "Continue" button which leads to the herbal treatment.

The herbal treatment section lists the herbs' common and botanical names, tells how to prepare and use them, and explains what they do to relieve the ailment. Here you'll find another set of buttons enabling you to search, print, find a particular subject, go back to the main menu or exit. The rainforest background in the treatment section is quite eye-catching.

There are also buttons for information on collecting and preparing herbs, conversion tables for adults and children, an introduction to herbs and even a medical dictionary.

The collecting section includes loads of information on buying, drying, freezing and storing herbs. I found just one minor thing wrong with this very nice program: if you don't have a big monitor, it's hard to get back to the beginning from here. I had to randomly click around at the very bottom of my screen, my pointer out of sight, until I found an apparent "Back" button I couldn't see. This is the only reason "User Friendly" below gets four instead of five stars.

There's a demo previewing what you'll get with the full version of Healing With Herbs. It covers essential oils, cooking, the latest research and beauty secrets. Note: Though the order form says the full version is $20 US and $25 CAN, the demo lists the prices as $30 US and $40 CAN.

This program is useful, well laid-out and downright pretty.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Support : Not reviewed
Reviewed by Connie McFarland

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