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Heart Smart

Type of Program:Utility for Health
Supported Platforms:Win95 & Win 3.1
Authors Name:Mike Henning
Version:4 and 5
Installed Size:870 KB


Just in time to help you keep those New Year's resolutions, HEART SMART by Mike Henning is a full featured program designed to help you eat healthy.

The program tracks calories, the amount of fat and cholesterol, sodium and the percentage of fat in your diet. Included is an activity planner and calculator (one of several) to help you see how many calories are burned while performing a specific exercise over a specific period of time.

Another calculator helps you determine calorie needs for weight loss or maintenance. A pie chart shows you how your diet deviates from FDA recommended daily allowances.

A robust list of food items comes pre-packaged with the program AND you can add, edit or delete to personalize it. The menu planner helps you see exactly how you are "spending" your daily allotment of calories. More importantly however, when used properly, the program can help you make choices that are heart healthy. The registered version includes 2 sample templates for 1200 and 1800 calorie menus and a Healthy menu template.

There is an excellent help file included as well as a tutorial to help you get started. Also provided are dieting hints and special help for diabetic, low sodium and low cholesterol needs.

Version 5 is for Windows 95 while Version 4 works with Windows 3.1. Both are available from:

User Friendly: (I had a hard time finding the templates)
Ease of Installation:
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