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Hide it !

Type of Program: Security
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company Name: Ņacaņaca ltd.
Version: 1.1
Price: Freeware ?
Installed Size: 141kb


Well, what can I say ? A program that does exactly what it says it should do... no bugs, simple to use, and best of all, no nag screens ! Hideit ... a simple yet beautiful application. If perhaps you are working on sensitive information, such as private documents, and someone unexpected comes into the room, then what can you do ? Or, what if you are going to be away from your computer for a few moments, yet with not enough time for the screensaver to activate ? Simple. Use Hideit.

If perhaps you were to leave your computer for a moment, and the password-protected screensaver could not activate, then your windows full of private data would be open to see. Even if you minimized the application, then its icon would still be visible. It doesn't make sense to close the application, as this would be a time wasting experience. What Hideit does is to remove the visible traces of the running application, in other worlds, hiding the window and its associated icon, and also removing the program from the task list, i.e. no-one can see the program if pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE. The interface is via a small, yet unintruding tray icon, sitting in the corner of the screen. Right clicking the icon produces a list of windows that you could hide. Windows currently visible are denoted with a tick next to them, and invisible windows have no tick. Just click on the menu option of your choice, and the application is invisible !

The only thing wrong is that the screen that shows when starting Hideit, which openly gives you a list of applications to hide. If you have your boss standing behind you at the time, then you will have a little explaining to do !

User Friendly:
Cost: - Free !
Ease of Installation:
Support: No help files
Reviewed by Steven Fletcher

How to buy: Free

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