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HR Track Professional

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Type of Program:Human Resource database
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company/Authors Name:HR Track
Price:Single User $299 US
Multi User Upgrade $699 US plus various modules with different price bands
Installed Size:12Mb


It is always a pleasure for a reviewer to revisit a product and find vast improvements, and this is certainly the case with the powerful and feature-rich HR Track professional. It now copes well with being installed on a drive other than C, with the addition of a polite little message and a browse feature. The interface is friendly and has easily accessible help, a neat trick with Access which is not the easiest software to adapt to end-users. The functions and features in HR Professional are comprehensive, wide ranging and very well thought out. As well as the items you would expect such as employee details and absenteeism, useful records on training, company vehicles and medical records are also kept.

The screens are all designed to have a common look and feel, so that mastering one means understanding all. It loads fast and runs well, and the reporting features are detailed and very simple to use. I particularly liked the idea of a tracking system for office supplies and equipment, having been involved in "hunt the damn stapler games" before now myself! This will also be useful for issuing letterheads and other stationery to mobile staff or sub-offices, and could save a surprising amount of money. It is a very thoughtful idea, and indicates that the software designers are in touch with the realities of office life.

Help is well written in Plain English, and there is more help available from the web site and the technical support unit. Any Help files, all the reports and most of the records can be printed out with the click of an icon, a very useful feature for management reports.

HR Track Professional now encompasses all the record keeping and tracking features a personnel office needs. For a small to medium enterprise with paper personnel records HR Professional will prove invaluable and save a great deal of time.

The software is available as a thirty day fully functioning shareware. It can be purchased from the web site, either the whole program or a selection of various modules.

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Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

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