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HTML Notepad v2.0

Type of Program: HTML Editor (shareware)
Company Name: Cranial Software
Price: 24 UK Pounds
Installed size: 288696
Supported Platforms:


It's only when you come across such a comprehensive product as HTML Notepad that you realize that HTML can so complicated. HTML Notepad presents you with a simple text editor interface into which you can type text and insert HTML by toolbar or menu selection. For instance pressing the Bold button inserts <b></b> into your text at the cursor position. Less common tags are available in the menus. These are extremely complete, every long forgotten attribute, HTML 3.0, Netscape enhancement and Internet Explorer enhancement is preset. Complex tags are built up by adding attributes into the tags separately.

HTML Notepad is very useful if you know your HTML, it both saves time and reminds you what is available. But if you are not confident in HTML it could easily overwhelm and confuse.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Support: ?
Purchasing: Pay Cranial Publishing, not by credit card yet.
Cranial Publishing, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Place, Binley Woods, Coventry, CV3 2BT, United Kingdom

Reviewed by Andrew Duke

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