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Type of Program:HTML editor
Supported Platforms:WIN95
Company or Authors Name:Intermania Software
Installed Size:725kb


HTMLpad presents the user with two neat tool bars containing buttons for all the functions that might be needed to produce an HTML document up to the level of tables. Frame commands are not included, but can be added using the Special icon for customized commands. Both Netscape and Explorer previews are available at any time, it offers the choice of a template page or basic body tag choices when you start a new document, and it also shows the C drive view for drag and drop manipulation of files - grab a gif or page, drop it into the page under development, and the software puts the right tags in for you.

HTMLpad has a massive number of features, yet is very quick to load and use, and the interface is incredibly neat and simple. One I really liked was the choice of five customizable "quick inserts" offered from a drop down menu. Ideal for standard footers or meta tags,and really speeds up page production without impairing quality. Other excellent facilities include a versatile and simple to use colour picker, and the friendly option of launching your preferred graphics package, FTP programme or any three favourite tools from the HTML pad toolbar. It uses one colour for text that is visible in the browser, and another for text the browser will not show - a quick and logical way to utilize tag colouring.

You need to know HTML to use HTMLpad, it is not self-teach or a WYSIWYG package, and allows total control by the author.

The Help file is entirely online - click on the menu and the program dials your Internet connection and takes you to the web site of Intermania. Which is fine if you have free local calls, but if you pay (as we do in England) it can be a very expensive proposition to look up something in Help. A local file would have been better.

HTMLpad is a pleasure to use, offers everything a web page designer needs on one screen, and has a wide range of customizable options. Yet the whole thing takes only 750 kb of disk space, and does not even insist on imprinting its name all over your HTML.

User Friendly
Cost $25
Ease of Installation
Support (very good, but all on-line)
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

The program can be purchased by sending $25 to Intermania Software. They will provide a registration key. The product is shareware, and after 30 days will cease to work.

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