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Icon Customiser

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Type of Program:System Utility
Supported Platforms:Win95/NT
Authors Name:Brian Harper
Installed Size:2.5Mb


Icon Customiser is a system tweaking tool, a way to change all kinds of small but important visual settings like mouse pointers, folder icons, even the little icons on the Start menu. Several graphical features normally inaccessible to all but the programmers among us can be changed through Icon Customiser, and the change is not just cosmetic. If you have chosen what icon is going to represent a GIF or a drive, then you will instantly recognize it and not waste time checking the file properties or accessing the wrong file altogether.

Help is excellent, written in Plain English and laid out in traditional Windows fashion. Finding your way around Icon Customiser is very easy anyway, with the assistance of right-click enabled bubble help which describes the function of every item listed in the 8 menus. And what a lot of items there are!

The themes are good fun, four are supplied with the software and applying them is automatic - I liked Brian's Theme which was colourful, cheerful and (more to the point) gave me an instant visual clue as to what the icon is meant to represent! There are a stack more excellent themes available from the web site. The menus include a facility for importing new theme sets, or saving a set of your own as a theme, and Plus! themes can also be controlled using Icon Customiser.

Microsoft Power Toys offer some of the functions Icon Customiser does, as does the mouse icon in the Control Panel, and the File Associations windows in Windows Explorer. All these scattered utilities are fiddly and unfriendly. Icon Customiser brings all their functions, plus a few extra ones, into a neat, clean and charming interface.

Icon Customiser is 20-day Shareware, with a couple of functions disabled. The programme comes complete with a handy screen for online ordering by most major credit cards, or a printed form for snail-mail purchase.

User Friendly


Ease of Installation


Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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