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IconEdit Pro

Type of Program: Graphics Utility
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT
Author: Hagen Wieshofer
Version: 3.5
Price: $11
Installed Size: 2.6 meg


There is also a version for Windows 3.1 at the homepage, I have not checked the version for Windows 3.x. You need the Visual Basic Runtime Files, which are available at his site.

This program is fully functional, not crippled in any way. There is a 10 second delay in opening the program and a 10 second reminder when you close the program. To me this is understandable, and I appreciate the fact that it's not crippled.

If you're in need of a icon editor and browser, this will fit your bill. It is powerful and easy to use. You can create icons in two different sizes 16 x16 or 32 x32, 256 colors. It will also let you work with up to four icons at a time, each with three levels of Undo features.

One of the functions I find most interesting is the 'Shadow', you can create 3D effects effortlessly. The next neat thing I liked about IconEdit Pro is the text features. You have full font control, this is nice to be able to see on screen the different fonts.

Icons can be extracted from EXE files and DLL files, or you can cut them out of BMP or RLE files, and you can directly cut them out of the Windows screen. It also offers an Iconsource file, a place to put all your icons, makes no difference what sizes or colors, this is a great hard disk saver!

You can flip them, rotate them, control brightness, contrast and saturation with a plus for antialiasing. You also have the option to raise/inset different aspects of each icon. Animated cursors are supported in the newer version, too!

The author can be contacted via e-mail. I have contacted him twice and he returned prompt responses. If you're reading this review you can go to his homepage. I could not find on his website where to order. It is included in the shareware version. My best guess would be to contact him for further information.

So far, in my years of reviewing software for myself, this is the best Icon Editor/Browser I've found! IconEdit Pro has won many awards. That in itself say a lot about this program.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed By Martha Seward

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