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I-CONtrol® MIDI Jukebox 1.1

Type of Program: MIDI File player
Supported Platforms:Win95/NT
Company/Authors Name:Future ArtForms
Installed Size:224Kb (very neat!)


MIDI Jukebox is a utility to play MIDI files, which will allow your collection of MIDI music to be organised into seperate folders or directories, no setting up or configuring playlists needed. If you have read a review of mine before, you will know my favourite adage is KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid. I resent over-complicated software that has to be fiddled and twiddled with, which is why I was pleased with MIDI Jukebox. The Help file is laughable, for the simple reason the product needs no help! The entire Help file is a few words of advice about separating your music into groups according to taste or genre, and then putting each group into it's own subdirectory on your hard drive. To play a track press the number it displays, to stop it press STOP, to loop press LOOP - it really is that simple.

The playback is good quality - even the somewhat difficult Magic Flute was faithfully rendered by the Jukebox, and it can be set to play all the MIDI files in a directory one after the other, as a pleasant background to surfing or working (or writing product reviews!). The MIDI Jukebox loads fast and gives an install destination choice, and had no ill-effect on other MIDI players, Real Audio players and the host of other players I have all over my hard drive. The MIDI files provided with the software are fairly uninspiring, nor are there any links or extra MIDI files on the web site, however for those of you who would like to try the Jukebox, may I suggest the following:

For classical buffs, the best collection of Mozart, Chopin et al on the net:
The Classic MIDI archives -
For a huge collection ranging from ABBA to ZZ Top:
Jed Shlackman's brilliant Ultimate Midi Site -
For Christian hymns, including some lovely Christmas Carols:
Mountain Crash -
Now you must excuse me, the Jukebox has just got to my favourite Bon Jovi track, and I need to press the LOOP key!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott (

MIDI Jukebox is shareware, the nag screen appears as a splash screen and counts down the number of times used. It can be purchased using the secure payment screen on the web site, by MasterCard,Visa or American Express.

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