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Indiana Jones and his Desktop Adventures

Type of Program: Game, Action puzzle
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1x
Company: LucasArts
Version: N/A
Price: unknown
Installed Size: 2.5mb (demo version)

LucasArts is back to marketing the old Indiana Jones character to milk out every last cent they
can from him - I would like all of you out there to give a very warm "hi" to Indiana Jones and
his Desktop Adventures! You will now have a modern-day Tarzan swinging about inside your
screen while you work.
Actually, though, it's more while you're off-work. LucasArts is taking a break from
their large, intense games to one we can actually finish in our lunch break. I reviewed only
the demo version, but in the complete version each adventure will be randomly generated, to
bring you back for more.

GRAPHICS This very different from most of LucasArt's stuff - don't expect TIE Fighter or Rebel
Assault here. This small game has neat and simple graphics; not bad all in all, but pretty
reminiscent of the old Nintendo NES systems.

SOUND Sound is also pretty simple: a basic gunshot here, a whip crack there (you didn't think
he'd leave without his whip did you?)

INTERFACE Overall very simple, but something like arming yourself or taking a potion may take
more than a little practice, especially since the icons are pretty small.

THE BOTTOM LINE is that this game basically *is* a Nintendo NES system, perhaps with slightly
crispier graphics, but fundamentally the same. Of course, that didn't stop the sale of the
Atari 2000 Pack did it?

User Friendly
Cost (no idea of the price)
Ease of Installation

Reviewed by
Nathanael Ng

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