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Type of Program:Internet Utility
Operating Platform(s):Windows 95
Company Name:BiggByte
Price: Freeware/Shareware $29.95
Installed Size: 839 KB

Download/Home Page

I held my breath when I fired up this program. I mean, come on! A program that will take any
web page address, either local or already published, and check it for broken links. Check it
accurately, that is.

Well, Infolink does just that. I tested it on my own homepage first because that's a relatively
simple site. No problem it whipped through the entire site in about ten seconds. It found one
broken link and that link was broken because the server was down. Then I tested it on Yahoo! I
thought that would be a pretty good test. It whipped through Yahoo's main page in under a
minute and came back with all the right information.

Amazing! If you don't have an link-checker now, download this one! It works like a charm, no
muss and no fuss. And it's free!

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sherri Hartlen

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