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Internet Loafer

Type of Program: Internet Utility
Supported Platforms: Win95/NT
Authors Name: David Smith
Version: 5.2
Price: Freeware
Installed Size: 857Kb


This is a bit of an odd review because it's focus is on a program that is not really intended to be a program, rather it is a plug-in module with another program as it's parent. Confused, well let me explain!

I first downloaded Internet Loafer when it was at version 3.1 but I don't recall exactly how I came to find it. It was only much later that I realized it was an included module of the program AutoWinNet95. So this makes you aware that Internet Loafer can be run as a stand-alone product.

As you might have guessed by now, Internet Loafer is a Ping ( or is that a Pong ), no, it is a Ping program. Let me state for the record, I am not an internet loafer, which is to say, I don't have supper and stay connected, I don't shop for groceries and stay connected, and I don't take a nap and stay connected. But I don't want to log off to answer the phone or the doorbell, nor when my two dogs alert me to another animal in the yard, or a leaf that fell from the tree onto their turf. And I certainly don't want to be disconnected during a download or because I am reading a long document to slowly. To the rescue comes this FREE trickster that sends out a signal suggesting I am as busy as a beaver at dam building time. As the company rightly suggests, don't hog a connection for frivolous reasons, but if you have experienced a disconnection at the most inopportune time, Internet Loafer will solve the problem for you.

Loafer is very easy to install and there is an abundance of ways to configure it. Once you run the program it appears on screen, selects it's first site to ping, then reverts to an icon in your tray. If you right-click on the monitor icon in the tray you are presented with a menu that includes, Restore Loafer, Ping Now, Commands, Dialing Config, Email, Proxy Server, Speed Options, What to See, On Errors, Randomize Stuff, About AutoWinNet95, Help, and Exit. I will mention a few of the more important features. You can check unlimited Email accounts while pinging, hang-up your Internet connection on command, ping at random intervals and random sites, change the site on ping failure, sound alarms when mail is waiting, track time statistics, and stop pinging and restart at any time. There are many other options from which you can choose, including the ability to create your own list of sites to ping.

The other major benefit to the module is that it does not just ping sites, it actually emulates activity such as web, news, Email, gopher, finger whois, mail, and time clients. Therefore your ISP thinks your are one busy dude or dudess:) Again, for the sake of others trying to connect, don't park on your connection while you have no intention of surfing, but I do recommend this program/module to put an end to your disconnection woes. It is an excellent addition to your utilities which does exactly what it should and a whole lot more.

As I mentioned at the outset of this review, Internet Loafer, along with Email Manipulator and Task Trooper are modules of the main program AutoWinNet95. Within a few weeks I will review this parent shareware program and report to you whether it is as good as it's child plug-in.

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Cost: N/A Freeware
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Reviewed by Blain W. Jamieson

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