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Instant File Access

Type of Program: File Utility
Supported Platforms: Win 3.11, Win 95 (only 16 bit apps)
Company/Author Name: Alexoft/Michael Mondry
Version: 4.00
Price: US$ 25
Installed Size: 846 K


If you like the thrill of discovering the features a program promises without clearly explaining how and where to find them, try Instant File Access (IFA). You'll taste also the excitement of a surprising final! Instant File Access is a program which helps you to manage your files (copying, deleting, renaming, etc, in few words all the File Manager's stuff) from wherever you are in your PC environment. Moreover, if you run Win 3.11, you'll be able to read and give Win 95 long file names (remember the exciting final...). To accomplish this task, Instant File Access has a wizard utility which "tunes", for example the "open" or "save as..." windows with the window its display when you run it, giving you the tools to manage files even from the "open file" window in Word for Windows. Plus, you can arrange some floating windows containing the files you most often use. The only problem is that you have to discover all these interesting features almost by your own. You'll have to dig into the various supported helping features, such as FAQs, IFA Global Tour and IFA Help. The Performance rating would have been much higher if only the newest (and more highlighted) feature, long file names under Win 3.11, would have worked. After a long search, I discovered why it didn't work. You need another utility, named DOS4, to let IFA make you read and write file names longer than eight characters. I'd have preferred it stated in a much clearer manner, before downloading the program: it would have been fairer.

Correction: There are two mistakes in my review about the program "Instant File Access". First, the address:the correct address is: 507 de la Metairie Nuns' Island, Quebec H3E 1S4 (and not "Nunsi", and "154") Second, the statement about the
need of an additional program (4DOS) to see long file names with 16-bit apps. THIS IS NOT TRUE! You can give and use long file names simply using Instant File Access. NO OTHER PROGRAM IS REQUIRED! I deeply apologize for
these two mistakes. Davide Di Lazzaro

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Alexoft, 507 De La Metairie
Nuns Island, Quebec
H3E 1S4, Canada
How to Pay: Cash, Check, MC, VISA, AmEx, Discover. CC
orders to: Public Software Library (Item Nr. #11873)
P.O. Box 35705
Houston TX, 77235-57,Internet:
Tel: (800) 2424-PsL
(713) 524-6394
Fax: (713) 524-6398

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