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Internet Organizer

Type of Program: Internet Resource Database
Supported Platforms: WIN95/NT/3.1
Company Name: PrimaSoft PC Inc.
Version: 2.2
Price: $30.00 US
Installed Size: 6.64Mb


Let's see if this sounds familiar to you. From the very first day that I gained access to the Internet, I have been visiting web sites, found something that made me feel I wanted to come back to that site, and therefore bookmarked it for future reference. Little did I realize at that time, but as my curiosity regarding what information was available on the web grew, so also did my list of bookmarks grow. I don't know an exact count but they now number in the hundreds. Beyond my addiction to software I have enjoyed a life-long passion for history, and for the past 25 years I have studied the American Civil War in particular. I also keep a listing of Genealogy resources, booksellers, software companies etc., etc. I have often recalled that a particular Civil War site had, for instance, information on the Battle of Gettysburg, but as time passed I have forgotten which site holds what information.

Internet Organizer was developed for people just like me. Let me say at the outset that this program is not for absolutely everyone who connects to the web. A good friend of mine, Steve, tells me he has only about 30-40 bookmarks and that he tends to revisit these sites of interest to him rather than wandering the web. Of course he would tend to know his sites very well, and probably does not require a separate program to serve as his guide. But for the many out there like me who bookmark nearly daily, for those who conduct a lot of research on the web, and want to return to sites of interest, Internet Organizer can certainly put some order and sanity back into your computing.

Organizer is only as good as you are prepared to make it. I will warn you that it will require a lot of work to find all the information and enter it into the database. But, if you spend the time to organize your URL's and their contents, you will be rewarded with Organizer's many options relating to search for and report on your database information. Installation is easy and I imported my Netscape bookmarks with no problem.

The Organizer screen is basically divided in two with the left portion being your bookmarked sites , then a column of alpha tabs, and finally the right area where you enter your data. If you choose to click on "A" for instance, all your bookmarks beginning with "A" will be listed. You then can Page Down, Page Up, go to the First instance or to the Last instance of that alpha. In the right half of the screen you are greeted with many options to identify that particular site. You will enter the Title, Address (www.), two Category boxes to refine the type of data further, Keywords to highlight a site's most important information to you, Email address, Type (WWW, Email, FTP, Gopher, Newsgroup), Date and Phone number. If a logo is available you can even include that. There are also options to Delete, Undo, Copy etc. As if that were not enough, you are presented with Parts 1 to 4. Part 1 is the current right half of the screen. Part 2 allows for User Fields and a Description area. Part 3 allows you to enter Notes of your choice, while Part 4 is the Picture frame where you can Clear, Load, Save, Zoom and Capture. I won't touch on everything Organizer can do but in addition to the above you can Sort information to your heart's content, you can Find, Replace, Print, create Summary information and even produce Graphs on your database's contents.

I strongly recommend Internet Organizer for everyone who, like me, has lost control of their bookmarked sites. If you invest the time to make your records complete, if you choose your Keywords and other options wisely, you will be able to find all the information that now lies unused within those sites you thought were important enough to make note of.

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Reviewed by: Blain W. Jamieson

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