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Jigsaws Galore

Type of Program:Jigsaw game
Supported Platforms:WIN 95, Win 3.1x
Authors Name:David P Grey
Price:Standard Edition $29:
Installed Size:4.17Mb

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I have always been a jigsaw puzzle addict, and I have tried a dozen or more computerized Jigsaws over the past few months. None of them has come up to the standard of this one.

Select a picture from their colourful and intriguing range, or choose a bitmap of your own. Then select the difficulty, from a choice of four levels, where easy is 30 or so pieces and custom is up to 4000 pieces. The playing board is full screen, the pieces move by clicking the mouse or dragging, and you can also select a lot of pieces together and drag them to one place, exactly like a real jigsaw. (great for sorting out the sky pieces!)

The game allows you to look at the picture if you wish and there are also cheats that tell you what the next piece is, if you get stuck - although all cheats are recorded in your score. As a good game should, the interface becomes invisible, you stop thinking about "working" the controls within seconds of starting a jigsaw as they seem totally natural and obvious.

The programme also gives a most satisfying click when a piece is put in the correct place, something sadly lacking from the cardboard versions. There are background music tracks to listen to as you play, which are pleasant without being obtrusive, and it is a simple matter to add your own choice of midi files to the playlist. (Finally a use for all those midi files I downloaded from the Net). Other customizing options include piece size, background colour and cheat levels.

The game runs smoothly and quickly, and loads easily. I like this software, and enjoyed using it enormously. In fact, I am going to treat myself and buy it!

Jigsaws Galore is fully functioning shareware, but a nag screen starts to appear after 10 days, and after 30 days most of the functions cease to work.

User Friendly
Ease of Installation
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

To purchase, mail the order form suplied with the required amount in U.S.$ to Gray Design Associates, PO Box 333, Northboro, MA 01532. Or use a credit card and phone the order through.

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