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Joc-Print Commander

Type of Program: Printer Utility
Supported Platforms: DOS
Author Name: Josè Olivè Civit
Version: 1.1
Price: US$ 20 + shipping (4$ USA, 6$, overseas))
Installed Size: 235 K


Here is a little gem in the world of shareware. This little program, suited for HP DeskJet and LaserJet printers (but why owners of other printers have to suffer for the lacking of such a program?) makes one thing only. Prints. Nothing special, you could say, but it becomes special when it reduces the number of sheets used to print a file, let's say from 20 to 2 for example, printing up to five columns per page still keeping the printout clear if even small, letting you save paper, ink, and time. Let's go on. You can choose between many options, i.e. sheet orientation, printing on both sides, page appearance (leaving or not blank lines, width of the gap between columns, eventual separator between them, header). Once set, the options are displayed in the right side of a two-windows screen (the left one displays the contents of the directory chosen). The program can then compute a statistic of the file to print (printable also as a booklet), based upon the given options, such as the total pages, the real number of pages printed, the percentage of pages saved, the number of lines in the last sheet (how many times you find yourself printing the last page of a file, containing only one line?), and so on. Every step in the printing process is accompanied with an explanatory note, giving you full control on every point of the procedure. Remember only two things: the program reads only ASCII files, and even if you can view the file, you can't edit it, this should have done before. To conclude, a real must-have program, small and powerful. Oh, I was forgetting: it prints also in a standard fashion.

User Friendly:
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Reviewed By Davide Di Lazzaro

Whom to Contact: Josè Olivè Civit, P.O. Box 1542, Barcelona 08070, Spain
How to Pay: Check, MC, VISA, AmEx, Discover. For CC payments contact:
PsL, P.O. Box 35705, Houston TX 77235-5705, specify item #15290.
Phone: 800-242-4775 Ext. 15290, or 713-524-6394 Ext. 15290 Fax:
1-713-524-6398 email:

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