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 The Journal v1.31

Type of Program: Personal Journal Software
Supported Platforms:Windows 95, Windows NT
Authors & Company:David R. Michael, DavidRM Software
Revision Date: October 14, 1996
Version #:1.31
Installed Size:2.95Mb

Have you ever had those great thought about a project, a story or even those inspired insights
about anything and everything and wished you could just easily jot them down without losing the
time and date? If you have, the 'The Journal' is a must for every great thinker, no matter how
large or small the thought may be.

The Journal is intuitive and user friendly. The screen is configurable by size, font and
background. Changing the background, font style and colors adds another dimension in your
personal style. Never again will you settle for default settings. Upon activating the program,
you may type a name and a password for entry. This is great when you share a system with
others. Even if you are a lone user, password protecting your thoughts gives you a sense of
privacy and security. Upon installation, you are given the chance of choosing the location
and/or Drive for the main program. Also, The Borland Database Engine Configuration Utility is
installed in your Root directory under C:\\Programs\\Borland. This is for those advanced users
who have other Borland programs installed on their systems that may have driver conflicts. The
executable files are also installed in the Journal folder. There is a DOS batch file that will
remove unnecessary files from the main installation.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Cynthia V. Lehmann
Home page:
To Order:Send a Check or Money Order via regular mail, notify by email to DavidRM Software that you wish to register. Upon receipt of payment, you will receive by email your Validation Key to remove all nags and limitations.

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