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Type of Program: Vertical Market
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1, 95, NT
Company Name: MicroWorks, Inc.
Version: 4.80
Price: 225.00
Installed Size: 6 Mb


There are many small firms offering installation of heating, ventilation or air conditioning systems. In order to calculate the correct system to install the engineers have to perform a series of elaborate calculations which involve everything from which way a room faces to the humidity of the air outside. It must be very tempting to do a "guestimate" after a while, especially if the engineer has years of experience.
A far better option is J-Works. The user interface is really excellent, the engineer does not need any computer knowledge at all, the controls are so well designed. The first screen has a location finder - once you select the town nearest to the one your building is in, a mass of information about winter and summer temperatures and pressures is provided, and the next screen slides in. This one is really neat - fill in the square feet, what kind of walls and floors, even little details like blinds or curtains, and with virtually no typing and very little effort, all the pertinent details of the building are recorded.

It is possible to do a room-by room load to make absolutely sure the calculations are accurate, with a set of blueprints and the built-in calculator the engineer will create a load report of intense detail, which can be saved, printed out and modified as required. The resulting installation will be more efficient, more comfortable and last a lot longer.

J Works is a well designed product obviously created by somebody who knows and understands the trade, and appreciates what really matters in system design. No good Air Conditioning engineer should be without it. It is only suitable for American systems at present as there is no British information in the database.

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
Reviewed by Sue Abbott

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