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Type of Program:Screen Saver
Supported Platforms:Win 95/NT
Company Name:Syntrillium Software
Price:$25 for the Audio-enabled version and $15 for the usual version
Installed Size:190K
Download Size:235K

Download Win 95Home PageDownload Win 3x (70k)

Kaleidoscope is a screensaver for Win95/NT platforms. It draws dynamic geometric shapes on your screen producing fascinating effects.

There are lots of options such as reflection , speed etc. to toy with to create your own
effects and there are over 40 presets to help you along the way. In addition, you can display
messages alongside the screensaver. The audio-enabled version accepts any CD or MIDI input to
produce patterns in-sync with the music and when combined with Wind Chimes (previously
reviewed) , it automatically creates a preset customized to the Wind Chimes preset you are
currently using so that you get soothing patterns and music not unlike musical fountains.

Even though some experts say that screensavers are redundant. Kaleidoscope is so fun that its
still worthwhile to check it out, especially when you want a screensaver you will not tire of
easily. There is also a version for Win 3.1

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Reviewed by Stephen Chen
You can purchase it online with your credit card.

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