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Kinemorphic 3D

Type of Program: Screen Saver
Supported Platform: Windows 95 Windows NT
Company Name: Synthesoft
Version: 1.0
Price: $20
Installed Size:2.2Mb


First, I had to go back to the site a second time, because I lacked a program called openGLI that I remembered seeing at the synthesoft site, but I make the mistakes and go back and forth, so you don't have to! Isn’t that great?
Anyway, this screensaver also comes with a program called CD SpectrumPro3.2, so that you can play audio cds or wavs, and make the screensaver “dance to the music”; and I don’t know which part is better, the screensaver or CD SpectrumPro. The one bad thing is that the $20 registration fee is only for the screensaver; if you want to register CD SpectrumPro, it will be $20 more. But, in the spirit of fair play, Synthesoft says if you register both at the same time, they will give you a bulk rate of $30 for both.The only other bad thing is that while the screensaver is unregistered, these annoying dialog boxes will pop up about every 90 seconds, and remind you to register the program.
5 years ago, when I got my first IBM, I also got a commercial screen saver that I have used ever since; and this is the first screen saver I have found since then that I have liked. I must say, though, half the fun of the whole thing is the CD SpectrumPro3.2; you get so many ways to adjust things, by the time you have finished half of the “button testing”, you’ll have forgotten what you already tried. CD pro opens up like a 4 unit stereo system, you can play with these separately, or lock them together as a single unit.
Cd SpectrumPro3.2 is not an equalizer; it is a spectrum analyzer. As it says, it display frequency spectra without giving you any opportunity to adjust them. I’m not totally sure what that means; because it seems to me that there is plenty of opportunity to adjust all kinds of things, but even if I don’t grok the webster’s definition, its still fantastic. Play cd’s or wavs and then hit a button called visual.. This opens a box with your screen saver, which should be bouncing in time to the music. The real fun occurs when you hit configure, and discover there are 14 back-to-back main folders to go over and at least half of those have 5 pages each.
Don’t let the “x,y, and z” stuff scare you; even if you don’t understand it, or remember your geometry, you can still have a ball trying all the different settings. I most definitely recommend taking the time to download this. You won’t be sorry!

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation:
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Reviewed by: Stormy Strock

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