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Knowledge Machine

 Type of Program: Miscellaneous Shareware
Supported Platforms: Windows 95
Company: Galt Technology
Version: 1.1
Price: $29 US Dollars
Installed Size: 362kb



Begin each day with a new inspiring quotation and vocabulary word as soon as you turn on your computer. Leave it as wallpaper if you like or exit at any time.

The shareware version contains 35 quotes and vocabulary words (with definitions). The registered version contains over one (1) years worth of quotes and vocabulary words.

You can change the daily quote and vocabulary word at will and even copy the quote to the clip board. This enables you to paste a quote into your e-mail, personal letters, reports, etc...

You can re-set the "counter" after viewing the first 35 quotes and vocabulary words in the shareware version and view them all over again. In the registered version, you can do the same but with over one (1) years worth of data.

A calendar is included and you are able to change month, day, and year or show the present date. The default setting shows current date and time (hour, minute, second).

User Friendly:
Cost: $29 US Dollars
Ease of Installation:
Support: Includes e-mail address and URL location.
Reviewed by Terry O'Hara

To register this program, send $29 US Dollars plus $3 for shipping and
handling (check or money order) or call with Visa or Master Card number:
(408)446-5718 or 1-800-580-0742 Galt Technology 14510 Big Basin Way Suite
195 Saratoga, CA 95070

Compuserve Members: GO SWREG
Use ID# 6458

Order form is included with program and can be printed out.

When you register you also receive a free CD-ROM with Screen Savers.

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