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 Larry's Animals n' Things

Type of Program: Children's/Educational
Supported Platforms: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95
Author's Name: Lawrence Goetz
Version: 1.10
Price: Postcard-ware! Send one with a photo of your city, state or country
Installed Size: 552k


Larry's Animals n' Things is a program designed for young children, probably in the age range of 1-8 years of age. Starting the program brings up a window containing various illustrations of animals and other objects, some of them animated. Clicking on each animal or object causes it to make a sound, i.e. the cow makes a moo sound, the pig makes an oink sound. The animals and objects include an elephant, a lion, a frog, a sheep, a motorcycle and others.

Downloading the program is quick, and installation is a breeze if you allow it to install in the default chosen by the program (c:\windows\games).

This program is just delightful, and even big kids (like me!) could have lots of fun with it! Kids will like the movement of the animals, and will probably drive their parents crazy by clicking on the animals, to make them "speak", over and over again! It feels like the 90's version of the old Speak n' Spell toy that would make the noise associated with the animal you pointed to. If only we'd had PCs when I was a kid...

User Friendly:
Ease of Installation: (points off for being unable to customize
installation location)
Reviewed by: "Skerry" Kerry Krueger

This program is postcard-ware! Send a picture postcard of your city,
state or country to:
Larry's Animals n' Things
Lawrence Goetz
3263 Bedford Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11210


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