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Larry's Master the Mouse

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Type of program: Game/educational
Supported platforms: Win3.1
Author's name: Lawrence Goetz
Version: 1
Cost: $5
Installed size: 2.2 MB


This program teaches your pre-schooler just how to use the mouse, and provides fun ways to practice using it. There are 4 basic commands, numbered 1-4. #1 lets you practice movement, single clicking, and double clicking. #2 tests your right and left single and double clicking; and when your right, you get an apple or some balloons. #3 lets you play with various animated gifs, so you can use that knowledge. #4 gives you bonuses, which are not available with the unregistered version. The bonuses are a paint program specially put together for kids; lots more animations, and lots of congratulations from the author; and a certificate, signed by the author, that declares your child master of the mouse.

The program is only $5; and it won't be in use too long [hopefully]. But it provides a fun way to practice without the frustration of a game that can't be won without mouse skills. Even today, I still have trouble with certain applications and the mouse, and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who does. The certificate will be something that junior can be proud of, showing all and sundry that he [or she] is a true "master of the mouse!"

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Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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