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Larry's Toys

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Type of program: Game/educational
Supported platforms: Win3.1
Author's name: Lawrence Goetz
Version: 1
Cost: $10
Installed size: 3.4 MB


This program is so adorable. Of course, my old man thinks I'm nuts cause I was having too much fun with the helicopter. Anyway, there are 16 toys, 3 of which are games and one of which is a sound box. The toys are bicycle, blimp, dump truck, hang glider, helicopter, knight, motorcycle, race car, sailing ship, scuba diver, skateboarder, sound box, space ship, taxi, top, and toy soldier. The 3 games are the hang glider, which must be glided out of danger; the blimp, which shoots enemy planes, and the space ship, which shots also.

The unregistered version only allows you to play the 5 toys on the bottom shelf, which are the knight, taxi, helicopter, bicycle, and the space ship. The ONLY complaint I have about the program, is I wish the author would have given us, lets say, partial use of the sound box; just to check it out. I agree $10 is an excellent price, but you know, curiosity killed the reviewer....

This program will be excellent for a pre-schooler to start to develop those mouse skills. Mom or Dad might have to go through the F1-F5 days and see what needs to be changed if anything; then just teach junior where is the escape key, which exits each toy and brings the kid back to the toy shelf. [Besides, I think the esc. key is the most important key there is-is that spoken like someone who never touched a pc until I was...never mind-too old]

So, come on its only $10, your kid will love it!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock


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