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Larry's Learning Math Machine

Type of Program : Educational Game
Supported Platforms : Windows 3.1 and Windows 95
Authors Name : Lawrence Goetz
Version : 1.0
Price : $5.00
Installed Size : 1.31 Mb


This program has been written to allow the user to enter a mathematical equation and then enter the answer to see if they are correct. If the answer is correct the computer will bring up a picture to say that it was correct and play a tune and if the answer was wrong it will tell you this as well. However, it should be noted that there is no way of the computer informing you as to the correct answer, if you don't know it. The author describes the program as a game, and it really requires somebody with the skill to sit down with the user to tell them what the right answer is if they don't know.

I find this quite annoying because it would not be appropriate to leave a child to use the program on their own. The other disappointing factor that I found with the program is that it cannot handle somebody entering number values quickly. The program reacts very sluggishly and often doesn't recognize the keyboard stroke.

The program can carry out addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, however the later can only be used if the user has paid a five dollar registration fee. This fee entitles the user to the special code that unlocks this capability.

In conclusion I found that this program has some awesome graphics yet does lack the fundamental strengths that other similar programs have, for example, informing the user of the correct answer after x number of goes, and the keyboard entry time is extremely unacceptable.

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Reviewed By Chris Le ROY
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