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Larry's Learning Letters & Numbers

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Type of program: Game/educational
Supported platforms: Win 3.1
Author's name: Lawrence Goetz
Author's e-mail adress:
Version: 1
Cost: $5
Installed size: 3,3MB


This program teaches your pre-schooler the letters in the alphabet, numbers up to ten; and for fun, it has great sounds. [Now that I've heard Mr. Goetz sounds, I just know that the sound box, in Larry's Toys will be great!]

Mom, [or dad] you'll have to handle the F1-F5 keys, [junior won't be ready for that until 4 or so], otherwise the esc. is still the most important, changing whatever you're into, and the keyboard is featured in this program. You can learn the alphabet, by pressing #1, then press each key and the program will show you the upper and lower case letters, a picture of something starting with that letter, and the program reads the letter and name to you.

Pressing #2 teaches numbers,; there will be 10 numbers on the screen, and entering any number, and then pressing enter will show you that amount of [in this case racing cars] and tell you there are ____racing cars on the screen.

Then comes the fun part. #3 brings up the sounds; 72 sounds, with 36 sounds and music corresponding to 26 keys and 10 digits. While this screen is open pushing the space bar will change from sound effects to someone sorta singing the name of each key. While the singer is no Elvis [oops, I'm giving up my age-or am I?] Anyway, the special sounds are as follows:
1 through 0 sound effects
ERTYUIOP piano notes
SDFGHJ trumpet sounds
ZXCVBNM different bell sounds
QWAKL short tunes

Remember this, these small investments in your child's learning will pay off sooner than you think. By 6 or 7, 8 tops; you will no longer need to have expensive computer repair bills. Junior will fix it for you; but careful, don't let he or she make you feel silly cause you couldn't fix it yourself; after all, you didn't have the advantages that he did!

Ease of Installation:
Sound & graphics:
Reviewed by Stormy Strock

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